When you need a social media break…

We all are ONline these days. It’s the usual trend. It’s a great gift of technology and a discovery of the man-kind. Social Media is a very effective tool for connecting with colleagues, childhood friends, reuniting with old friends, etc.

As per a report on Statista, the number of social media users worldwide will rise up to 3.2 billion users in 2021 from 97 million in 2010.

This clearly indicates the influence of social media on us.

When we talk about someone’s or something’s influence on us, then it has two effects – positive and negative effects. On the positive effects, we can count the positive things that happened to us. Some say they found their old school friends using social media, some say they can get to know about life updates of their friends, family and loved ones through the social media. The facts are correct.

Now, let us look at the most disturbing point of the social media, the way people interact in person socially as somehow changed by the introduction of social media.

So now, moving to our main topic – the need of a break. Before telling something, let me take my own example:

I am a social media user, and I was a user since 2009. (Long time, one can say.). 2 years back, due to some thing I decided to take a break from the social media. I announced and deactivated my social media accounts.

Result: As a result of this experiment, I received calls/texts from obvious caring friends and family who asked me about this decision.

I told them that it was a test to check the influence of social media in my life. Truly admitting, the decision to deactivate the social media was not that prompt. It was the result of a deep analysis. Those days, I observed that the frequency with which we check our social media accounts, we expect people’s reactions to our posts, etc all need to be corrected. Social media is good but it’s addiction (or I can say anything’s addiction) is not that good.

Outcome of the experiment:

First Day: The first day was normal. I felt the need of checking but then I convinced myself somehow without much efforts.

Second Day: I realized I was missing something. Then I recalled and tried hard to recall the event but I was unable to do that. Later, in the afternoon I realized that it was my friend’s birthday today. I called him to wish him and he was so glad to get a call instead of a text/IM on social media. I reiterated my commitment (in mind) and felt happy to make someone’s day happy.

Third Day: This day also went without any hurdle or special effort, as I was still feeling happy.

From the forth day, to the 7th day i.e. Sunday, I felt urges to re-activate the social media but I was stuck to my decision and as a result, I didn’t gave up. As the 7 days were over I was confident. I did activate the social media but I observed that this break lead to an increased focus towards another areas (that require attention), etc. Additionally, it gave a comforting feeling that I am not a social media addict ?

Disclaimer: By this post, I don’t meant to instruct you or anything. I am presenting my view(s) and sharing the details of my experiment with you. It is your discretion, whether to follow it or not.

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