When life gives you a tough challenge!

Often we want to live in our comfort zone and are not ready/reluctant to get out of it. But, one thing should be kept in mind that it is when we walk out of our comfort zone that we discover new things, face new challenges, and dealing with all this it leads to a stronger us.
God wants to make you strong

Recently, a friend came to me and he was puzzled over the problems in his life. If you experience such type of situation, close your eyes and say, “I know this situation is there to make me strong. I will learn from it and grew strong. Do give me the strength, my almighty!”

Overcome the obstacles

Nearly everyone faces obstacles sooner or later in life. Its the obstacles that fills you up with strength and confidence to overcome them. If there were no obstacles then you would never enjoy the real joy of success. Learn to overcome the obstacles.

Keep a smile on your face

Many may argue that it doesn’t matter whether you keep a smile or not on your face. People say that you have to face the challenge even if you keep smile or even if you don’t . I agree with this, but when you keep a smile on your face, you have the positivity in you that you are spreading to the world and it comes back to you too. So, I also say, “Always Keep Smiling”

Be accountable to what you do!

When you are accountable to what you do then you can do (perform) well in your area of action. Do what you want honestly and you will observe that you will be closer and closer to your target after every step.

Get, Set and Go!

Everyone on the earth has some abilities, capabilities and these enable him/her to prosper in life. If you have discovered yours, its the exact time to act. Whatever may be situation, take a commitment to try hard and smart for your target. When you start walking, you come closer and closer to your target.

I hope my first blog entry will be able to guide you to success. Stay happy and blessed. Thank you!

This article was originally published by me on my blog at Quora dated Apr 19, 2017.

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