Valentine’s week over – What next?

So, the Valentine’s week got over with the Valentine’s day on 14th. People from all around the world made their partners feel special. Yes! It was an empty day for singles somehow but however they managed to do things that made them happy during this day – including taking a nap, watching some movie, giving ownself a treat, etc.

Some like me, celebrated it with their parents and did take some initiatives, working on some new ideas that could make a difference, if properly planned out and executed. So, overall the day and the week got over. What comes next?

Here are the things one can do: –

For the couples:

  1. Fulfil the promises you made during the week and the day – Yes! The day and week got over but not the time limit to fulfil your promises. The busy guys/gals might have committed to give more time to their partners, and so this is the perfect time to start working on it.
  2. Prepare for that special gift, you dream to give out to your partner – Yes! We know you love them and have planned something for them which will be affordable in some time. No issues. Work upon the plan and we wish that it will be executed successfully.
  3. Let the spark be ON always – Surprises, that excitement of meeting them, etc everything creates an spark between the two of you, and this spark should be there always for a long-term and happy relationship. Both partners should do their best efforts to sustain this spark in the relationship. You know better, what works for you both. Keep it going.
  4. Solve things out & eliminate misunderstandings (if any) – So this is offcourse going to be a serious issue in any relationship. Reduce the chances of misunderstandings and eliminate them (if any).
  5. Making LDRs work to their best possible – So you both are in LDRs. Either one of the two stays away for a job or so and you live in different cities. That should not be a limiting factor with the advent of technology, you can always make a video call to them to be in touch.

    A good friend is in a LDR and he says that the very excitement of meeting her after months acts like a spark in relationship. It motivates me in work and motivates me to achieve the best possible, so that afterwards we get tied in the sacred bond forever. (Isn’t it lovely, it definitely is <3)

  6. Be back to your goals – If you’re single, you would have spent some days watching movies and so, now is the time to gear up for accomplishment of your life goals. That project, which is crucial for your next promotion, or that target whose accomplishment will grant you a pay-hike, all deserve to be accomplished. Always remember one thing, which I personally believe and say – The thurst to achieving doesn’t make one sound greedy, step by step new goals coming your way make you excited for the entire process and accomplishment of them ultimately lead to you being happy and satisfied that you did great.

For the singles, out there:

(can’t leave them because I am one amongst them 😀 )

  1. Don’t be stressed out. Things take timeI understand, one feels the need of a partner to share feelings, emotions, etc. But, good news for you guys! The day and week is finally over. But, your believe should not get over. You definitely will be blessed with all the love and happiness of the world. But, it will take some time.
  2. Enjoy the freedom, for the time being – Everything has pros and cons. Why not concentrate on the biggest pros of being single – The perk of freedom. Enjoy it for the time being, till you find someone who completes you. Partying with friends, watching movies with the boys gang/ girls gang, etc. One can always extract happiness from life, if one wants.

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