“Traveling is the best experience in life” – Travel Vlogger Pankaj Bhati

Most of us like to travel and explore new places. Some of us travel, when we have ample leisure time to spend, while some of us plan and accomodate the travel plan into our hectic schedule. While there are some people who will always find the time to travel amidst their busy schedule. Those are the people, who love travelling. Travel is a BIG passion for them.

Recently, we got a chance to interview Jodhpur, Rajasthan based Travel Vlogger Pankaj Bhati, the person behind the youtube channel – Panku World. We asked him about his passion, what made him get started, and lots more.

Read the interview to find more about him. Here, it goes:

(1.) Hello! First of all we would like to congratulate you for your youtube channel. How is the journey going so far?

Answer: Thank you so much! I am feeling so good now that through my videos, I am helping people who wish to travel for the first time to any foreign country.. I am happy because it was my BIG dream to travel and explore places abroad some day.. so finally the dream came true unexpectedly very soon.. As of now, I have already traveled to three countries in just three months..

I gained a lot of experience from traveling to these place & I wish to share the knowledge I gained from trial and error with people.. I am doing my part by trying to help people make cost-effective travel plans.. And I feel happy to say that they are appreciating my help and praising my passion. The viewers, family, friends, etc all are supporting me to improve the quality of videos.. & I always try to give my best suggestions.. More precisely, I am so happy with this passion & I am much serious about my future plans to travel to new places.. because now traveling is my life..
(2.) “Panku world” as the name suggest, is “Panku” your nick name? 
Answer: You guessed it absolutely right. As my name is Pankaj, so my friends and loved one, call me Panku in short.. And as this is my travel world.. so I came up with the channel name, which is “Panku World”
(3.) What made you come up with the idea of coming out with a Travel Vlog/ YouTube channel?
Answer: Basically, I am a business-man, so I am usually very busy with my business & due to this, at times, I get really tired because of all this.. But as I love travel, so every time I used to travel within India.. But due to hectic schedule, I couldn’t travel more..
Recently, I thought that I should do something different.. so I decided to plan a trip abroad, but as we all know it sounds much expensive so I started to explore about it and gain knowledge & information about travel destination abroad.. I also contacted a travel agency but they provided me with a very expensive tour-package, and adding to it, it was with much restrictions.. They provided a fix schedule and itinerary with minimum days.. and prices were not at all reasonable..
So after getting this quotation from the travel agency, I decided to enhance knowledge by myself.. I started to search about foreign countries which were nearby & also explored about all the tips & tricks of travel to foreign countries.. All those times, I watched v-logs of famous v-loggers on YouTube.. I was really surprised at my findings, that a tour abroad is not that expensive, once we are fully equipped with the knowledge relating to the destination..
Then I came up with an idea that I can travel at the lowest possible charges & then I can share my experience with more and more people so that people also can make their own plans to travel abroad.. I gained a lot of information and came up with more and more idead & then I concluded that I can help people.. So, after this I planned to create my own YouTube channel. This was also a journey to learn new skills, here I started learning basics about how to make v-logs & how to edit videos.. I bought a good quality camera along with all equipments.. I did everything gradually, because hurried decision tend to go wrong :D..
The first country I traveled abroad was Thailand.. This tour spanned to 13 days with total expenses equaling to just ₹ 38000/-  along with stay at luxury hotels & party hostels.. I traveled to five well-known cities of Thailand, in conclusion the whole tour was awesome.. And after uploading the videos to my YT channel, I started to get good response from the viewers, which encourages me further each day every day.
(4.) Who is your role model who inspires you?
Answer: Travel was my dream from childhood but that time I couldn’t.. “Uss samay foreigners ko dekh kar bahut khush ho jaate they haha”..  I always had a self inspiration for travel..

But if you ask about, who inspired me for my YouTube channel, then I can say that my inspiration is “Mithilesh backpacker”

He is a famous YouTube travel vlogger.. & he also started his channel 3 years ago.. but he is the “king of travel vlogging”.. He is a very good “budget traveler”.. So I decided to make videos of my experience also & will share to people in YouTube.. so I can travel regularly.. & I have a responsibility for my subscribers, who are just like my friends..
(5.) Family support is very much essential for every thing, we do. Was your family supporting from the very start or later they started supporting?
Answer: That’s really a very good question bro.. Family support is always needed if we take up tasks like this.. In my case, the situation is very sensitive because I have a shop & if I plan to travel abroad then the question arises as to who will handle my business??
So yes.. my family support matters very much for me.. All my family members do support me in my passion for traveling.. They handle my business in my absence, when I am traveling abroad & also financially support me when I need it.. When I was traveling for the first time abroad, my mother was very much tensed, as she was wondering how will I be able to manage all things on my own during the travel abroad.. When I was departing from the house to catch my flight, they started to cry. I simply hugged her & promised her that I will come back very soon.. It gave her a sigh of relief.. After coming from the journey, seeing me all well, she was greatly relieved..
(6.) Whom would you like to give credit for all this?
Answer: I give credits to my family, all v-loggers who helped me & my subscriber friends who always support me & watch my videos & make me more responsible about travel.. (as they act as an encouragement to give the best out of me, each time, every time.)
(7.) After Thailand, now which country you intend to explore?
Answer:  After Thailand, I have already traveled to Malaysia & Indonesia.. But on my YouTube channel, Thailand travel series is being uploaded presently.. I have already uploaded 20 videos & many more will be uploaded soon.. After this series, Malaysia series & then the Indonesia series.. And now, I am planning for a new destination abroad..
(8.) Any message for our readers?

Answer: I have just one message for everyone and that’s it – “Traveling is the best experience in life”..

We are always running in the race to earn money.. In the process, we never stop & when by the time we stop, we might have loads of money.. but at that time, we realize that we lost our golden years, almost the whole life.. At that time, we can’t do anything because we age and then at that stage, we are concerned of other things as well. So guys pls avoid this situation, and when you get a chance, do explore new places and I am sure once you do that, you gain a lot in the process.
So, it was really a nice experience interviewing Travel V-logger and a good friend from my hometown Jodhpur – Pankaj Bhati for TULRAC. Do subscribe to his Youtube Channel by clicking this link. Also, don’t forget to LIKE his facebook page

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