“They will throw stones at you, turn them into milestones” – Backpacker Aish

Many of us dream of travelling to beautiful places in the country and around the world. Yet, only a few people have the time and opportunity to make out a travelling plan and stick to it. In our daily lives, mostly we get to travel when it is due to an obligation – a work obligation or a family-related obligation. Then there are few people, for whom, travelling is a passion. A thing they want to pursue at any cost.
Today, we are interviewing Aishwarya Evyaan who is one of those passionate travelers. He quit his corporate life to travel India in 2019-20. Making such decisions are hard to take, but for travel enthusiast like Aishwarya (Aish), passion wins. Known by the name “Backpacker Aish”, Aishwarya is a wonderful person to talk to and very friendly.

(1.) First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your website. How is the journey going so far?

 Thank you very much. The journey started pretty long ago when I started travelling within India. I had dreamt of penning down my travel story/experience on the internet and started with the popular service – Blogspot. Since I was already blogging for a news channel from the year 2017, so I was pretty much sure about “how to” stuff of blogging. I have more plans to travel and visit new places in India, but everything got disturbed to the Corona outbreak in the country. Yet, the journey of writing has just started and it’s a long way to go.

(2.) Your bio on your website says that you quit your corporate job to travel. It’s a tough decision to take. How did you gather the strength to take this decision?

Quitting my job was not all of a sudden, but the thought of travelling India was random. This thought enhanced with each passing day. I pre-planned my travel a year ahead of the original journey. Soon I shifted to another job in order to earn more as to bear the travel costs. Purchase of travel products and planning the route map were the things, that went parallel alongside the job.
As days passed and travelling dates came near, I was able to feel the excitement of the upcoming adventure and the thrill very closely. When we do something new, then we have some fears first but as we start on the journey, the upcoming route is visible gradually and then finally we complete the journey in the correct manner with no shortcuts. It’s how we manage things, we learn as we explore and we gain a lot from the real-time experience.

(3.) What made you come up with the idea of coming out with a travel vlog/ website?

I was pretty sure to record my travel stories and experience somewhere. I started writing raw text and saved it on my phone in the English Language when I was on the trip to North India. But, unfortunately, it accidentally fell in the swimming pool while I was in Bangaluru for the Indian Army Interview. Later I canceled the idea of re-writing my experience again. But this pandemic has given me plenty of time to think and recall the experiences from the past and write it down.

(4.) Any role model in this industry, who inspires you?

Everybody has a role model and mine is Swami Vivekananda. It is because of him, that I was determined of knowing my country first by visiting the places in person. I heard and read a lot about India in books, newspaper and videos. But then I realized that it was high time to witness everything through my own eyes. I promised myself not to indulge in any controversy or to criticize anyone on the tour and the inspiration behind this was well-known cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. I kept reminding myself, again and again, no matter what I will behave in a good way even with the worst person I met.

(5.) In addition to travelling, what are your other hobbies?

I love writing and I have a deep interest in digital marketing. Other than this, I like creating social media accounts on various social media platforms and get them to the top on that platform. Though I am a shy guy, I don’t mind discussing on healthy topics through which I get to know other’s perspectives.

(7.) What is your next travelling destination?

This is really a tough question. Though I have traveled to most of the famous places in India, Kashmir is still left to explore. If I get to plan my next travel destination, it would be Varanasi – the City of Ghats. Adding Prayagraj, Chitrakoot, Kashi which consist of hidden treasure. Laddakh and Sikkim are also in my bucket list.

(8.) Seeing the COVID-19 situation in the country and worldwide, it is sure it might have affected your travelling plans. How it will affect life in the coming days, months?

Life is already affected. Many have lost their jobs while on the other hand jobs in the IT sector has increased. Especially working from home which was the demand of time previously as well. Life will remain as it is going on now, until and unless the vaccine is not introduced.

(9.) Any message for our readers?

Before the tour started, I was always told – “This is not easy, you won’t be able to do this. The world is cruel, you have not met mean people yet in life. Leave this and focus on job. Abandon all this and focus on your career”. Just a simple thing I want to say to readers here, that “they will throw stones at you, turn them into milestone”. Now the same people ask me about my experience and the best places I have been to. People themselves ask for suggestions and recommendations. Yet, it’s a long way to go.
Thank you for the Interview, Aish!
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