Resolutions we MUST take on this Woman’s day

So, we are celebrating the International Woman’s day today.

08th March is celebrated as Woman’s day across the world. From the early morning, we see many posts relating to this on our social media newsfeed.

Good thing! This way, we keep ourselves updated about what is going on in the whole world. But do we know, the conditions the woman is facing in the society is not good.

Daily we hear about crimes against woman, and I can surely say it BOILS your blood by seeing about the harm caused to the victim. The person, who is someone’s mother, daughter, sister is victimized and after 2-3 days or a week, we all forget and move on with our lives.(except the woman herself and her family.)

I salute all woman for contribution towards the family and the society. In every role, you are doing your best. We all salute you! – Ankit Singh, Chief Blogger,

On the eve of International Woman’s Day, I would like to take a few resolutions, so that each and every woman, who is an integral, important and the vital part of our society does not face such crimes, harassment, etc.

We all respect our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. Let’s assume something for a while. Can we assume the whole woman society as our female relatives. This way, we will see the whole world with the lens of respect. We will be able to feel how they feel in our society. You know how they feel, they feel “insecure” and “unsafe”.

If you have a tiny toddler at home, narrate the stories that signify the importance of woman and female child. We usually understand better when we exemplify things. Lets say, we can refer to our family’s female, their contributions and this way, we can imbibe positive things to the young mind.

AND Mind it, a thing well-learnt is difficult (nearly impossible to forget). Examples can be – the stories of the female warriors, female entrepreneurs, female ministers/politicians, etc.

You notice a person, wrongly victimized by someone. Don’t stay silent. Speak up!

May be your courage, enables the person to fight on her own and win the fight against the crime. We won’t be able to achieve anything positive, till we take an initiative ourselves about it. There are many ways you can contribute to. Just thing that way.

As a member of the society, the female child (daughters) also have the right to achieve their dreams, live their lives with peace, freedom and security. Let’s make them free, while guiding them on right and wrong.

Today’s females are equivalent in all respects to males. We just need to empower them, give them the opportunity and get ready to see the heights of their success.

A woman’s contribution to a family or to the whole society can’t be ruled off, whatsoever be the criteria. We all see in our own house, our mother getting up early in the morning and cooking food for us and managing the family. We take initiatives to help her, but these initiative usually don’t have long term outcome. (due to temporariness of the initiative)

If you can help your mother/wife/sister in the daily chores, help them.

A single bouquet of flowers, or just a warm message to them thanking them for their contribution to the family and society will bring the special smile on their face, which is truly ultimate, pure as gold.

This woman’s day, take a few resolutions and see, it will have a long lasting impact and a long lasting smile on the faces of the woman, who make/made/are making your life worth living.

God bless you all yesterday, today and forever!

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