[Product Review] JioFi 4G Hotspot Device for Laptop/Desktop/Phone

Hello friends! Today I will be reviewing a product which I use myself. You all will be familiar with the name JioFi. It is an excellent product by Reliance Jio and it is a 4G hotspot device with app-enabled calling feature for phone too. With its nice 2300 mAh battery, it is a must buy if you are a frequent traveller and you carry your office (laptop) with you, nearly all the time.

Here are the features of the cute little 4G hotspot device – JioFi:

Elegant and cute look. (some what oval type)
Easy to use.
One can download Jio4GVoice app on their android phone and use it for unlimited calling* (depending on the voice and data plan opted)
Its 2300 mAh battery is well-equipped to support 5-6 hours of surfing time in a single charge.
Is it all inclusive?

Almost. You just have to visit the nearest Reliance Jio retailer and ask for a SIM, which has to be inserted in the SIM card slot of the device. For installation, read the instructions leaflet carefully. After the SIM is activated and plan recharge done, you are ready to experience fast download speed, unlimited voice and video calling and lots more.

What documents will be needed for ordering?

When you order the device, you don’t need any additional documents, except your name, contact information and payment details. I choose Amazon as my e-shopping website, because its fast and mostly delivers the goods on time. And, it’s returns policy is also nice. Though, I haven’t returned anything yet. And I have purchased things ranging from 40 inch LED TV to a Phillips Electric Iron and even Coconut oil on Amazon. They are the best!

What documents will be needed for taking Jio SIM?

When your ordered device has arrived at your place, you can visit the nearest retailer for Jio SIM. The documents usually required for any company’s SIM is your identity proof and address proof.

Now a days, all that the retailer demand is your Aadhar card and then performs a biometric validation and your SIM KYC is done instantly and he hands over the SIM to you. Confirm about the data packs from the retailer itself or visit for more details of the voice+data plans.

How to order the device?

The device can be ordered by visiting this link.

My take on the JioFi 4G hotspot device

I am an Airtel prepaid user, when it comes to my mobile connection. But, I needed an additional connection for my laptop and desktop at home. As I am a frequent traveller, I needed a portable 4G hotspot device that has a battery of its own, so that I can keep it in my bag while travelling from hometown to my present city. That’s when JioFi came to my rescue.

I purchased it and genuinely I have no regret that I purchased it. It is a very nice product and I recommend everyone who needs a 4G hotspot device to consider it. With attractive plans by Jio, it is a best buy in its category.

Thanks for reading the review!

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