[Poetry] Let the moon hide itself in the clouds

Let the moon hide itself in the clouds..

Let the atmosphere be devoid of the sounds..

Let the world sleep for some hours..

Let the birds take rest for some hours..

The night will lead to another day..

It is the universal truth as they say..

After every night a day follows..

After every failure a success follows..

Keep up hope.. Get up to work hard..

For this is the right time, simply make a grand start..

Remember a thing, a thing to think upon..

Sorrows are temporary, not to worry upon..

Learn a lesson and move ahead in the race..

Soon you’ll observe, full moon back at its place..

Theme of the poem

I think the theme can be automatically interpreted from the poem itself. Being a motivational poetry, the theme is to never give up when you see failure (darkness), just work on your goals consistently.

A Note from the Author

When you are thoughtful and you find the right atmosphere, then it is the most suitable environment to jot down a poem/poetry. But, wait! As what I interpret at this near-to beta stage of writing poems, I can say that when you pour your thoughts then try pouring them in writing, be it the drafts folder of the email, or be it the notes app in your mobile, just write it down, there itself.

Writing is an art, and you should be equipped with the resources to pen it down, because later you may not be able to recall the exact words you had in your mind originally.

Best wishes with all of you! God bless you all!

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