[Poetry] As I went to the terrace..

Hello friends, I wrote this poetry when I was on the terrace of my home sweet home, and I was watching the sky and the stars.. some bright.. some dimmer..

I hope you all will like it..

As I went to the terrace..
Watching the dark blue sky..
Watching the lights around..
Glancing the whole scene..
A star appeared all alone..
It made be somehow curious..
This big sky and just one star..
As I gazed carefully..
Observation yielded fully..
A total of three stars in all..
Rest two somehow dimmer..
Life’s also all like this..
You may feel like this..
There is less happiness..
But when we see closely..
Then we can see nicely..
Some happiness that is often overlooked..
Some brightness that is often neglected..
Keep that spark in you..
Make a promise to you..
Keep yourself happy..
& Then you will find it, yes hey you!
The delighted, more confident, you..
(c) Copyright Ankit Singh 2018

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