Naniji, I miss you.. :(

Naniji, today I don’t know why, but I am missing you so much. I remember my childhood when you were there to take care of us. I remember when I used to chant rhyming words like “Naniji. paniji..”  to you and you didn’t say anything.

I used to be childish but you know one thing?

Your behaviour was as pure as water. I was too small to realize that but still I spoke those words.

Today it is not your birthday, neither it is yours and Nanaji’s wedding anniversary nor it is your punya tithi (date when you left for heavenly abode) but still I miss you Naniji..


I remember an instance when I was new cyclist and I was learning to drive cycle and my leg was caught between the cycle’s pedal and cycle’s pipe. I called you for help and within a few minutes Kanad Mama, Nanaji, You and all siblings came to my rescue. Those were the golden days. Writing with eyes full of tears. Miss you Naniji..

I can’t forget that instance when you told me that, “No one will feed you Kaju Katli (a sweet dish which is quite famous in India), with this much affection like I am doing, after I will go away.” You were right.

Mom dad do it but you were you.. No one can replace you, never ever.


I remember those days when after you went we used to stare at the stars at Purusharth Prasoon’s terraces looking for a hint to identify which one is you. And then we identified the most shiny one as you, because your smile was the best in itself. 


When you went for the heavenly abode, then we were all in tears.. but just then you imparted us with the courage to live without you.. Miss u Naniji.. 

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