My Experience : Day 4th of social media break and still going

So, I took the decision to deactivate my social media profile on FB, which was implemented on a morning. I randomly did it and before doing it I posted an IMPORTANT APPEAL to my FB friends, so that they come to know about my decision.

Reason of the Important Appeal

I posted this appeal, to inform all the facebook friends, that I will be deactivating social media account. I did so that if anyone needs to contact me over anything they can do so. The deactivation, as I hope will be of longer duration and so I wanted that anyone else (other then me), shouldn’t be affected in one or other way.

My experience

My experience on the first day was nice. Though, after 3-4 hours I got the urge to check social media updates, this is when I convinced myself that I won’t be having any update (likes on any of my posts, or replies to any of my comments), as these all are invisible from the audience.

I definitely experienced withdrawal symptoms due to this but it is what is achievable.

At some other times, also I felt the need to check the social media but I tried and am still trying my best to stay busy so that such things don’t get the opportunity to develop an urge.

Journey ahead!

I usually experience in such a way to check my addiction levels on the social media. Before this, I did tried such an experiment, around 1 year ago, where it was the first time and so I had to deal with a severe urge to check the social media. This time, the desire to re-activate and connect with the whole world is somehow less.

Also, this time, I have not deactivated Instagram profile and I as usual, update it in a day or two. My audience on both the platforms is somehow different.

My take about social media

My take about social media is that it is really a very good source to connect with old friends, reunited after many years. I remember how I got in touch with a good friend, whom I lost contact with after he flew to USA. With FB and social media, I was able to get back in contact with him. I thank the social media for it.

But, on the other hand, I believe that if a thing becomes your urge than it needs to be controlled ASAP.

I try my hands at such experiments and I will surely try to do such experiments more in future too with a variety.

Good luck guys! Have a nice time and life. God bless all of you!

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