“Mai Ki Karaan” song’s views crosses half-million hits on YT

Mai Ki Karaan | Pinky Paras | ft Irshad Sabri

“Mai Ki Karaan” song is sung by Singer & Rockstar Pinky Paras and Sufi Singer Irshad Sabri. The song is directed by talented and world-class director Ravjot Mehek Singh, and released by the well known music label Crescendo Music.

As of date, the song has been viewed 512k times with very nice response from the music lovers, which is an indication in itself, about the popularity the song is gaining.

Singers Pinky Paras and Irshad Sabri

Singer Pinky Paras & Irshad Sabri

The female singer Pinky Paras is the much known as “Rockstar” among her fans. She has also been previously referred to as exceptionally influential person on social media by a social media rating website, which surely testifies her influence on the social media. Her previous two songs – “Sawan” and “Mehndi” are superhit songs and she is known for her unique style among her fan following.

Sufi Singer Irshad Sabri is a well known name among Qawwali lovers, he belongs to the well known qawwali group Sabri Brothers.

The song is released by Crescendo Music. Singer: Pinky Paras, Featuring – Irshad Sabri, Composed by – Vijay Batalvi, Lyrics – Vijay Batalvi & Kuldeep Mahi, Music – Production by Meghdeep Bose, Rhythm Production by Bobby Shrivastava, Mixed & Mastered by Dipesh Sharma Batalvi, Directed by Ravjot Mehek Singh

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