[Late Post] New Year.. New Plans..

Hello readers!

First of all, a very happy new year to you..

I know I am superb late in wishing you all, but couldn’t help due to some things that kept me busy all this time.

I am here to narrate, how every new year, month, day, and even hour can make you more productive as you can always make a new start then.

A friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur by passion, (his scores were decent enough to land up a corporate job, but he chose this) once told me that – “Bhai (Brother), You have one life, but you have each new day, week, month, year when you can make a fresh start.”

I remixed it to include an hour too, because even an hour can make a difference. Let me illustrate this with an instance from my own life:

The blog, you are reading was initially a publishing imprint. I was then the author of a book (now two – Check out my recent book “The Duty” here). I always had a wish to start blogging but it didn’t work out as wished. One day, in evening hours I decided (in 2017) that I will work on it.

And in 1-2 hours it was like, I will dive into it. Earlier I heard that now a days, main focus is on mobile apps and people hardly read blogs, but I was not ready to deter the plan then. I decided to plan my blog and here it went. Monetizing it was not a goal at that time, but I just needed some medium to share my voice, my thoughts on the day- to day things with the world, and that’s how TULRAC was re-born, this time as a blog.

I estimated an expected date (which was then postponed by 2 days.. Credits to Procrastination :D) but the blog was LIVE. Then with further improvements to it, and content, it reached the form it is today.

So, with all this, I wish to conclude that – “Every journey starts with a single step. So, it is always better to take this step and see the horizon it leads to.”

We all have dreams, wishes, ambitions, etc.. Now is the perfect time to turn them into reality.

I hope things will be sorted out as we take the step towards our goal accomplishment. I can conclude it from my journey of creative writing, which was just to write my thoughts down, and later it turned to me being a Blogger.

Lets see what your journey leads you to.. Let us know in comments or you can always mail us..

We are open to mails.. messages.. Take care guys.. Make the best of 2020..

Make it your best year.. Make a shiny start and may the shine remains till infinity..

Best wishes..


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