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Keep calm and look out for a solution…

Hello friends!

3-4 months back, I had a talk with a friend. He was a much known friend whom I knew firstly on social media and then in person, for around 4-5 years or so,(talking on phone and greeting each other on Holi, Diwali, New Year, etc). He was going through some complications in his professional life as well as personal life, and so he was very upset. I being a friend, tried to help him out in making a decision, that could impact his future.

[Disclaimer: I have taken his prior permission before narrating this experience over here. But, still I want him to be anonymous.]

Here it goes: He is a 27 yr old guy, who was on a mid-level position in his company. He is being paid a good salary and his performance on that basis is such that he was expecting a pay-hike and a promotion. His boss was happy with him and so he was 100% confident of his promotion.

But, on the day the promotion was announced, his name was NOT THERE… he was shocked…

The shock and dissatisfaction was also seen in his future work, and one of his colleague (who now became his team lead) taunted him which lead to a BIG argument in his office.

His relationship with his GF was also not going on fine and due to this, he was sad on that part too. His GF wanted them to settle, whereas he had some plans for which he wanted some extension.

Things were not going perfectly, an it lead to him being disturbed. Restless at nights, awake till 3 A.M and improper rest, made him to be different and less energetic then what he was, before.

Then one day, due to a mistake on his part, he was given a warning letter by his boss.. He was quite frustrated with all the stuffs going on, and so he got into an argument with his boss. This was going to ruin his image in front of his boss, for whom he was one of his favorite junior. His boss didn’t said anything to him but he overheard his boss talking to another colleague that his boss was very upset with his behavior.

When I had a conversation with him, he was asking me for a known contact’s phone number, which I told I will arrange and give it to him. I asked him casually about the reason and he hesitatingly told me that he was to contact the person to hire him as their employee. He also narrated the issues to me, (both his professional and personal ones)

I was concerned because I had heard that he was a talented and hard-working employee of the company. I asked him, why he wanted to change the job.

“My boss is severely upset with me. Additionally, my GF is insisting on marriage. I can look out for a better position and then go for marriage with her.” – He explained.

I agreed with his concern, but somewhere his action to solve it was something which I was disagreeing upon.

I clarified it to him, “Bro, I agree with your concern but your action to the same is unjustified.”

“Unjustified? How?” – he replied back immediately.

“Shifting to another company without tendering an apology to your boss will be a justified thing?” – I counter-asked him.

“I’ll be made fun of, if I apologize. You don’t know office politics, dude.” – He replied after a short pause.

“For a moment, forget office politics .i.e. the fear of being judged and speak yourself. Meet your boss preferably at his home and tell your boss, that you are disturbed due to some personal reasons, which in itself is true to fact. And, you are sorry for the same. I don’t say that don’t shift to another company, but leave it in good note.” – I explained.

He took a deep breath and then asked that what is my view on his second issue .i.e. the personal one. I told him that he can truly confess to her the genuine reason that why is he delaying the marriage – his reason of financial commitment.

To this, he told that her family is also disappointed with his current position at job. So, precisely both of his problems are related.

“Does she loves you truly? If that’s so, should she really be concerned on the position part?” – I asked.

“Not her. Her family is concerned.” – He replied almost immediately.

“Okay. Do one thing.” – I said and narrated the “TO BE DONE” strategy for the thing. I told him that you should do it and then communicate what happens. He said okay and thanked me for a good advice.

I was like – “Dosti me thanks.. not accepted..

Today, I received a call from an unknown number. I picked up and it was him on the other side, wishing me a very happy Holi..

I greeted him back, and then after some while I remembered that I had to ask him about the outcome of my strategy (from months back).

He told me that firstly he was reluctant to act as per my advice, but then he met his boss (following my advice) at his boss’s home and apologized for his behavior and told him the whole background story – professional+personal both. His boss told him that, he was very upset over the argument, and couldn’t believe that he would be that rude to him. But understanding his issues, he accepted the apology. He was still unsure after acting on my advice. He thought, it will not make any difference.

After around one month, his boss recommended his name for a higher position at a sister-concern company of his present company, and surprisingly it was with higher pay and residential accommodation also facilitated. It was a dream come true for him. He was super happy as he narrated it to me and told me that I will have to attend his marriage for sure, which will happen in May 2019. (though I may not be able to attend due to my law exams during that time)

Sorry for keeping it long, but had to give out a lesson to all those, who might be feeling held up with issues that needed a solution. Personally, for me too, this experience boosted a lot. When life gives you challenges look out for a solution keeping calm and somewhere you will find that you reached a solution.

Hope my post helped to imbibe positive thoughts in your mind.

Happy Holi to all of you. May the colors of this festival make your whole life colorful and bless you with prosperity, peace and happiness.

God bless you all.




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