Interview with Director Ravjot Mehek Singh on her latest project ‘Mai Ki Karaan’

When we talk about entertainment industry, the things we admire are the things which are in focus. There are some people who are behind the making of super-hit movies and videos and they too surely deserve a huge credit to the success. Among them are the pre and post-production teams who try their best to make the best out of the best. Off course the main leads contribute to the success of any film/music video, but there are people who remain behind the screen, and when their creations finally hit the top-charts, their wide smile narrates the saga of their efforts.

Ravjot Mehek Singh: Director, Humanitarian, and much more (solo-photo)

Today, we introduce all our readers to a personality who is a young, multi-talented and hard working person, who believes in doing things perfectly rather than just saying. Her innovative approach, unique way of thinking, imagination and creativity is what makes every idea she works upon “The Best”. She is a humanitarian, started her own anti-cyber-bullying initiative – “People Deserve Protection” while in school, when most of the other students just think of studies and having fun and dining out with their school buddies.

She is none other than young and dynamic multi-talented personality Ravjot Mehek Singh from the United States. Recently, “Mai ki karaan” was launched sung by well known Singer Pinky Paras & Irshad Sabri, and within a few days it hit the top-charts and reached one million hits on Youtube. (Link to the news story). The song is directed by this young director, who despite of her young age possesses all the qualities to be a top-director breaking all the barriers of age.

Ravjot Mehek Singh with Singer Pinky Paras

Tulrac Team: Ravjot, Congratulations on the success of Mai Ki Karaan. How was your experience in the making of the song – Mai Ki Karaan? How was the experience working with the singers – Rockstar Pinky Paras and Irshad Sabri? Any incident you would like to share with us.
Answer: Thank you, the success was warranted because of how beautiful the song is and how well it was sung by both Pinky Paras and Irshad Sabri. They were both wonderful to work with. I should mention that everyone on set worked incredibly hard, as it was one of the hottest days in India when this shoot happened for Irshad’s scenes (I actually googled this to confirm!). So the fact that everyone worked so hard despite such heat was an excellent show of hard work. On the Hawaii set, we had a fun challenge of avoiding the many tourists who were eager to continue stepping into the scene!
Tulrac Team: Achieving this much at a very young age, inspiring people through your works, creating awareness through your initiatives are very impressive traits. What motivates you throughout all this?
Answer: My motivation comes from films such as the recent Black Panther and Wonder Woman for example. Those films exemplify how artists can use their vision and power to shape the world. Because of Black Panther, more films with colored actors will be made. Because of Wonder Woman, young females will be given the same powerful role models that young men were always given. I believe in the power of film and TV when it comes to shaping peoples’ minds. Just like you are never the same after reading a powerful book, you are never the same after watching a powerful film.
Tulrac Team: When did you decide to make your career in film direction? Was it someone in family, who directly or indirectly guided you in choosing it? What is the thing that motivates you to give your best in whatever you do – ranging from your humanitarian acts to your direction, script writing etc?
Answer: I decided to enter film when I was in high school, the motivation came from within. I had been writing stories since I was able to write. My first 120 page novel was written when I was 12, so the vision to create a world within pages or screens has always been there. I chose film because I found myself very able to create my internal vision externally. My humanitarian work came from my observation of our strange world, I saw that there were many people, especially adults, that were not always doing the right thing for themselves and for others. I wanted to help people realize that we are all very capable of being helpful, kind citizens of this world. I think that shows up in my work as well.
Tulrac Team: So let’s say that we play a music video or a documentary in front of you. You are said to broadly tell us that it is good or bad (needs editing or re-shoot). What are the broad parameters on which you will judge it, if you are to decide? (In layman terms)
Answer: I am a harsh critic because I hold myself to the same standard. I typically judge it based on the effort, the ability of the art to incite emotion in the audience, the ability of the director to direct the actors, and the camerawork to some extent. I feel a piece of work is good or bad to me based on the simple question, “is there something in this film that is so obviously missing that even the audience can tell?”. If the answer is yes, then that is simply a bad film.

Ravjot Mehek Singh

Tulrac Team: We came to know that parts of the music video were shot in Hawaii. How was your experience while shooting in Hawaii?
Answer: Hawaii is an absolute paradise on this earth, and by far the closest I have ever been to Heaven. Hawaii is like being in the most beautiful place on earth with the most kind and relaxed people. It was very easy to be inspired by all the beauty in Hawaii, every spot of the Island made a perfect spot to shoot. However my team and I made special efforts to seek out local spots that were hidden to shoot the video so we could include Hawaii’s true beauty away from all the tourism.
Tulrac Team: In the present era, where access to the internet is a much easy task as compared to that a few years ago, how you think it impacted the entertainment industry as it moved from Cassettes to CDs, then to DVDs and now totally online.
Answer: I believe it is overall much better that the entire entertainment industry is online now. Because of that, audiences everywhere have a near equal access to any movie at any time. It is greatly expanding the world of art and giving way to new major production houses and new types of entertainment such as vlogging for example. I believe the shift is great, but I do encourage everyone to not participate in pirating and purchase subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu instead. That is the only major con to the industry being online now.

Tulrac Team: Please tell us about your future projects. We and our readers are much excited to know, after having an interesting conversation with you.
Answer: Currently I am both producing and directing an upcoming horror film in Boston that will be hitting Amazon Video this Halloween of 2018 and directing a feminist film involving the famous #MeToo movement coming soon.

Tulrac Team: Is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself, your experience, your career that will inspire and motivate our readers to achieve what they wish to achieve in their lives?
Answer: There is only one difference between people who succeed and fail in anything. That difference is that people who “make it” are the ones who keep trying. That is our universal truth.

It was really a very nice experience in interviewing the young director. We wish her the best for her career and life. Stay happy and blessed!

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