“I am on a mission to make people love reading” – Shalini Singh

We all have passions in our life. Visiting new and far places on our favorite bike, mountaineering, writing a book, launching a music album of ours, etc. Some of these passions fade with time, but there are some people for whom, their passion is everything. Today, we are talking with a Turophile, GNU alumni, a passionate lawyer and a passionate writer Shalini Singh.

Here is her interview with TULRAC:

Congratulations to you on the release of your book. Being a published author, how do you feel now?

Answer: I feel my writers block finally did pay off. I had always wanted apiece of me in Oblivion and what better way to do that than a book!

Writing a book is the 30%, talking about it, getting it to people is the other haranguing percent which am involved with now. I want as many people to be attached acquainted with poetry and relate to my proses. I am on a mission to make people love reading. This book is my baby. I am going to raise it now. I feel a sense of responsibility. Books have changed my life and for once now I want to change some lives, however few, however many because it’s an absolute feeling to read something and connect or the surprise which still words can bring.

You mentioned to us that you started writing since the age of 12. That’s really nice. Was it then only, that you thought of writing a book (childhood dream),or later you came up with the idea of compiling the prose and poetry you wrote in the form of a book?

Answer: I had never thought I’ll publish a poetry book! My favorite genres are true crime,thrillers, murder mysteries. As a child, I devoured a lot of fantasy and always wanted to write a fast paced thriller which I will. Poetry happened. After a lot of freelancing, content writing and writing law papers, which I have resumed after a break off solely working on my poetry and this book, my baby.

A lot of people who have read what I write, motivated me to take out a book to reach a larger audience and that pushed me to my limits.

How would you describe Confessions of a Turophile’s path to publication?

Answer: I didn’t send my manuscript to any of the top tier publication houses as they take up a lot of time to revert back and time was of essence.Once I had a manuscript ready, I knew I didn’t want to self Publish, being short on funds and I crossed my fingers and sent out the manuscript to three traditional publication houses and all three accepted. I later discussed and zeroed down on that publication house which gave me personal freedom to have a say in all the steps of publication as well as provided the best quality and delivery.

We and our readers would like to know about your background, in terms of where you grew up, where got your education, where you have worked, etc.

Answer: My parents migrated from Bihar after I was born to Gujarat. My father is a Maths tutor, him having left his job to pursue teaching, something he was passionate about. Maybe that is where I get the zealth and passion revolving around education and books. I have lived most of my life in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, an ex Xavierite who would have been another engineer if not for destiny. I got through CLAT and after my 12th, I became the black sheep of my family by taking up law in GNLU. After my graduation, I joined Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate as Legal Manager and left the job then to concentrate on my book and writing.

It is said that for being a good writer, you first have to be a good reader. Do you agree with this?

Answer: I stopped counting after 2K books. I have read a lot. A lot. Since I was three. I can power read too. the irony is the least of what I have read is what I wrote- Poetry.

But I don’t believe that you need to bean avid reader to be a great writer. A writer is a storyteller. He can tell a story without having read another.

Getting published, achieving the things you have achieved till now, be it the literary field or law, what motivated you throughout the process?

Answer: I have a chapter dedicated in my book on this question. I have found inspiration in places which can hardly inspire. Everyone I meet, everything I do, I learn. i like going with the flow. I am confident about reality and motivation comes easy when you are surrounded by people who are striving every day, much ahead of you, against all odds.

On days when nothing works, I read Moroccan quotes or talk to someone who has been through more than me.I instantly feel empowered.

In our life, we surely have a few people who support us with our decision, be it be our family, our close friends, etc. We give you a chance to enlist those people in your life who supported you and helped you directly /indirectly.

Answer: Parents, and it’s not obvious.Their struggle, sacrifice and penance will never be forgotten. Some friends I have in my life, and they wouldn’t know it, but I love them for the joy that have brought in my life. I would actually like to thank each and every person even the one who did me wrong. The people who hurt me, duped me and cheated me have taught me the most. My dark style of writing is borne not out of support but in depravity of it.

Is there anything you would like to tell us that will inspire and motivate our readers to achieve what they wish to achieve in their lives?

Five things:

I follow this motto- there’s a time for everything.

Take out time for your body. You’ll be a step ahead.

Read Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s search for meaning’. Help out.

Breathe and relax. Your time on Earth isn’t all about achievements.

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