Happy Mother’s day to all mothers..!!

“वो शख्सियत हैं इतनी ख़ास। शब्दों में उनके इतनी मिठास।
उनसे क्या वक़्त करू एहसास। वो तो माँ हैं, वो सब जानती हैं।”

I wrote these lines randomly on one occasion thinking about her. She is definitely the best thing god gave me. My mother, my mom. The best in the whole world and the universe.

I wish all of the readers, a very happy mother’s day..!!

One day, a colleague and a good friend, was discussing about the importance of these days in our life. He was not against the days, he was insisting that we think about a relation on a day, and the rest days we don’t value them. What is the use of this all?

I was silent about what he said, and when he finished speaking out his views, he told me to say something. I was calm on this and said, “It’s the programming of the mind that we interpret that we don’t value them. Some things are going on in our subconscious mind. We may or may not discuss them but they are in our mind. Same thing happens with relations.”

He appeared somehow convinced but still asked, “But when we value them each day, what is the importance of fixing a day for them. Even those who don’t treat their mothers well will be texting happy mother’s day all around. What is the utility of all this?”

I was sure that his query was reasonable but I further replied, “Bro, Those who don’t value their mothers know in their inner self that they don’t value their mothers and are simply pretending. And a day in particular for a person, without whose existence our existence would not be there, is justified. Look the other side, there are some very committed sons and daughters who value them each and every day. May be one or more of them, lead to the start of Happy Mother’s day.”

So, we should always treat all our relationships, be it our mother, our father, our grandparents, our brothers, our sisters, our best buddies, our friends, etc with the same amount of care, we expect to get from each of them. Here, as I believe in unconditional love, we should give them the care they deserve and we can freely give to them. Life is a 4-days journey (according to some philosophers), we should propagate care and affection, wherever we go.

And if we shower care and affection to all the relations we are in, we will be the perfect version of ourselves.

Together, lets take a pledge to be honest to all your relations and to value each and every one of them, not on a day or two, but every day.

Best wishes with you all for a great life. God bless you all guys and your mothers too!

A very happy mother’s day to all of you..

Posting some lines, I wrote…

उन शख्सियत की ढेरों खासियतों में एक ये भी है।
जहाँ कदम उनके पड़ते हैं, खुशियां भर देती हैं।
अपने लफ़्ज़ों से उत्साह भर देती हैं।
उनकी दुआएं किस्मत बदल देती हैं।

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