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Food & Clothing Drive @ Jodhpur : My experience of the event by LHC

5th May 2019 was the day, when it was all scheduled and I was quite excited for the same. Excited because it was the first event in the social domain, which was attended by me. It was basically a Food and Clothing donation drive to the patients of Mental Illness.

It was all nicely organised by the team of Lion’s Health Care, Jodhpur abbreviated as LHC. BIG Thanks to Krishna Kachhwaha (Fitness Coach at Lion’s Health Care) and Dr Navika Kachhwaha (read her interview or buy her book from Amazon), who were the main organizers (along with Aunty who also deserves a BIG thanks and regards) as well as the people who invited me for the event.

So this event as told before, was basically held at the place – गुरुकृपा मानसिक विमंदित केंद्र आँगनवा जोधपुर, a centre for patients of Mental Illness run by Netrahin Vikas Sansthan, Jodhpur and well known social worker Mrs. Sushila Bohra. It is situated 12-15km from Jodhpur city and located on Surpura Road, Jodhpur.

Upon visit to the place, we get to experience how these special people live over here. Despite of all this, they all wait for their chance to be served food, go in queue to wash hands, etc etc. It definitely symbolises the discipline they have and it is really worth much appreciation.

Being a writer and a person with an occasional craze towards poetry, I wrote these lines just after the visit and penned it down immediately. Here are the lines, I wrote:

कहां हम जो सदैव अपने दुखों को रोते हैं..

देखो उन्हें, जो बीमारी में भी सुकून से सोते हैं..

अपने हाल में मस्त, बेवजह की चिंता छोड़..

इनके लिए कागज़ का ढेर जो सबका “करोड़”

वो जो इनको देख मुस्कुरा देते हैं हम..

टकटकी लगाए ये भी मुस्कुरा जाते हैं..

व्यस्त दिनचर्या में जो कुछ पल दे सको..

तो दे दो.. और सब्र की एक सीख इनसे ले लो..

संयम और सब्र की वो सीख..

जो ये मौन रहकर भी दे रहे हैं..

हर शख्स की अपनी एक कहानी है..

हर शख्स उसमें मुख्य किरदार है..

वो कहानी अपने जेहन में लिए..

हर एक किरदार आज खामोश है..

लेखक हूँ, कहानियों से जोड़ देता हूँ सब..

एक विचित्र सी इच्छा हुई आज.. 

कल्पनाओं से लैस मानो एक कहानी सी..

दे कोई जादू की छड़ी तो इन्हें ठीक कर दुँ..

जीवन में इनके अमिट खुशियां भर दुँ..

I wish the best for them always..

God bless them and cure them.. Be blessed always..

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