Father’s day: When dad’s honesty made me SUPER PROUD

Happy Father’s day to you all..

Father or Dad or Daddy or Papa (that’s how we call in India) is a person who is very much considered as the strength of the family. The head of the family, in case of nuclear family and an important member of the family, in case of joint family.

Today, on the occasion of Father’s day, I would like to share something that I want to share to the whole world. I am proud of my father. I love him and I can do anything to make him happy and proud.

I remember when I was quite young, in my school days; he was posted in a distant town. Whenever he used to come to home, to visit us, the happiness on my face said it all. I would feel a sense of security when he was with me, or better, I was with him.

Usually children are more close to their mothers, but the security and strength of the family is usually due to father. No, I am not an anti-feminist.

FOR ME, my father is the best friend, a person whom I can share with, when I don’t feel happy. I can even call him at 2AM and he will patiently listen to what I want to say. Though, I usually don’t do this because he will be worried and concerned to see my worried. (AND I can’t afford to do that)

TODAY ON THIS OCCASION, I would like to share a story with him. (Earlier written on Quora in 2017)

I still remember the day when we went to the market to buy laptop for me in 2010 , one day before Dhanteras.(it is considered auspicious to buy new items on this day, before Diwali). We wanted to book it on that day and take delivery on Dhanteras itself.

We went to a commercial building where multiple shops were located. With someone’s reference, I went to a shop and was enquiring about Dell Inspiron laptop. My father accompanied me and we were comparing laptops. I was interested in a low cost laptop whereas Dad was insisting on a quality laptop.

So, we finalised Dell Inspiron 15.6 inch laptop with Core i3 processor. Just then the person whom we took reference (a friend of mine) called the shop owner and said that do give them a good deal as he (me) is a good friend. He talked with him (I didn’t hear the conversation) and then ended the call.

He asked my dad if he remembered him. Dad was confused but said, “I am unsure but your face looked familiar.” After that the shop owner narrated the incident. He supplied computer and printer to dad’s hospital. (Dad is a senior surgeon) and at that time dad was the incharge/head of the Government Hospital.

Then shop owner turned towards me and said, “I wanted my payment cheque for the supply of the computer and printers. Two times previously in similar instances, I had to pay doctors a sort of commission or give gifts to get the cheques issued. This time when I asked your dad for the issue of cheque, then he told me that after physical verification of the stuff he will issue the cheque.”

The shop owner further narrated, “I thought may be doctor Saab will delay too like the previous two doctors but just the next day, he issued the cheque and called me to collect it from the clerk (And that too without any commission.). I remembered him after this much interval because one can’t forget someone’s face who is that honest.”

He also told us that he will give us good discount to which dad told, “But don’t give any discount cutting your profit. You are here to make profit as you also have to incur expenses on shop rent, expenses etc.” To this he agreed.

Hearing those words of praise of Dad’s honesty made me feel double proud (SUPER PROUD). I also want to be a civil services officer and serve as honestly as my father. Proud of you dad and love you to the moon and back! 

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