“Don’t judge people. Simply spread love” : Dr Navika Kachhwaha

We all have a storyteller within us. The little heart and the little mind collectively are the storyteller inside everyone of us. Many authors agree to it. As a published author myself, I also agree to it. I was good at framing stories since childhood but things work out only when they are destined to happen.

Today, we are interviewing a writer, who is also a doctor (Physiotherapist), a pharmacist and a great human being. Her debut book – Our 6.5 Years will be released worldwide on 09th August, 2018.

Update: It is released and readers can buy it now

Here is the interview with her:

1.) Congratulations on your new book. We came to know it will be released in August. Pre-order date is 5th August, which is less then a week ahead. How are you feeling -excited or some how nervous?
A- First of all thank you so much and I’m feeling both nervous and excited. Hoping people will like this story.
2.) Writing is an art, some consider it as a hobby. Some say it is their passion. What is writing for you?
A- For me it’s my passion, I just love to express, I love to play with words and my imaginations, though this passion initially started as a hobby. I still remember, in my school days I used to write thoughts and shayri’s on back side pages of my notebooks and school diary. I didn’t realize when it became my passion.
3.) Writing a book is just like giving your best and pouring your heart fully. It is a process that takes time. What motivates you to write?
A- Emotions, Feelings, Achievements, Failures, Love, Heart breaks, Pain, Excitement, People.. everything around me, motivates me in their own ways to write.

  1. Your book’s title – “Our 6.5 Years” at first make us think that it is a memoir and when we read the introduction further, then it turns out to be a fictional story. What is it exactly? Its making us curious..
    A- Well I’ll not spoil your whole curiosity for that you need to read the book. In brief It’s a tale of two best friends who are in love with each other. A common story with not so common emotions and decisions.
  2. If you are asked to give credit to some specific people for their role in your accomplishments. Who are they? We would definitely like to know about them.
    A- My mumma and papa, my brother Krishna, my friends who stood by my side in every situation.
  3. Any message you would like to give to our readers and the society.
    A- It’s okay to have failures, it’s okay face some losses, it’s okay if you are struggling, everything is still okay, until you don’t give up, never lose hopes. Life is all about these ups and downs.

Just do your best, learn from everything you face, don’t judge people and spread love, this world desperately needs loves & positivity ?

It was really nice interviewing her for the book. Positivity and Love is exactly the necessary need of the world. Stay Positive! Keep Loving!

We wish her the best for her successful career as a Doctor, as a Pharmacist and as an Author.. Best wishes!!

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