“Books will always be important” : Vivaksh Singh

He was born in a small village of Rajasthan. Having a good interest in writing ever since he was a kid but he thought about finally writing a book when he was fifteen. He has studied mining Engineering from Udaipur. He describes himself as a seeker of deep conversations and lover of shaayars like Jaun Elia. Having lost his father at the age of 17, he dedicates the book to him.

We recently got a chance to interview Vivaksh Singh, related to his upcoming latest book “Till the end of forever“. (now available for pre-order. Pre-order now)

(1.) Congratulations on your new book. We came to know it will be released in June. How are you feeling – excited or some how nervous?

– Hi Ankit. Thank you for the wishes. Nervous? Excited? I wish I could decipher. I think I have developed a multiple personality disorder. At one moment I am pushing myself beyond the limits for the promotion, and the very next moment I repeat to myself that I must not get too involved in sales and promotion and should enjoy the fact that I am a published author now. And this continues in a loop. Anyone who’s been published will relate.

(2.) Writing is an art, some consider it as a hobby. Some say it is their passion. What is writing for you?

– I love the blend of pain, hope, mystery and dusk. But I don’t want to live in that zone because it can affect me mentally. So I write about the characters that have these dark stories. They live with pain and hopes, far away from the daily life that people like you and me live. For me, writing is a way to live a life that I don’t want to live but at the same time, I am very fascinated with.

(3.) Writing a book is just like giving your best and pouring your heart fully. It is a process that takes time. What motivates you to write?

– My urge to live the life which we talked about, without really living it. Though that is not my sole motivation but still, it drives me to write more. Other than that, the reactions that I get from readers who get thrilled by my characters and their stories push me to write more.

(4.) The book’s description reads that -“Till the End of Forever is a romantic thriller that takes a dig in the dark sides of god, nature of human pain, power of selfless care and proves how true love can make you live till the end of forever.” As a person, do you believe in self less care and that it’s infinite?

– Selfless care? Sometimes I feel it’s not so easy to get it. But then I look at my mother and I’m convinced. It’s infinite? No. Selfless care can’t keep coming if you don’t promote self care.

(5.) If you are asked to give credit to some specific people for their role in your accomplishments. Who are they? We would definitely like to know about them.

– I would like to thank Dr Savita Arya, my mother, who also played my father and supported me beyond imaginable measures. The biggest chunk of credits go to her. Tushita Cial, without whose pressure this book would still have been a folder named BEBIAI in my laptop. She cast a spell, turning the soft copy into a hard one.

Satyapal Chandra, who mentored me during my initial days of writing. He still gets my back whenever I need. Sudeep Nagarkar, who guides me selflessly. I am confident enough to fight all the obstacles in this journey as long as he’s with me. My publishers, for their trust in my creation. Lots of love and respect to Mr. Arup Bose for being so supportive.

(6.) Any message you would like to give to our readers and the society.

– Don’t let social media fool you into believing that you don’t need to read books anymore. No matter how advanced the technology gets, it can never replace books.
Books will always be important; till the end of forever.

About the book – “Till the end of forever”
Deeply sensitive and brutally thrilling, Till the End Of Forever is a romantic thriller that takes a dig in the dark sides of god, nature of human pain, power of selfless care, and something that won’t last Till the End of Forever. The book will be released on June 10, 2018 but, you can pre-order the book.

Update: Book has been released. Here is the link

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