Book Review: “Yakshini” by Neil D’Silva

Book: Yakshini

Author: Neil D’ Silva

Genre: Fiction/Horror Fiction

Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd

“Yakshini” The name is very much interesting and so is the book.

Before this, I haven’t read Horror Fiction, but when I saw the book cover, I thought I should give it a try. Although, I prefer Romance or Mystery/Suspense or Self-help books more but still I thought I should give it a try reading a new genre. And guess what, I am not disappointed. It was a wonderful experience reading the book.

Before reading this, I remember I used to get super scared while watching the Aahat or Sshh.. Koi hai TV series in childhood. But, this was more interesting than those horror shows.

So, coming to the book, the book “Yakshini” is all about a 15year old girl Meenakshi, who is the daughter of a couple in Maharashtra, precisely the seventh child.

Meenakshi, is not an ordinary girl and she is blessed with celestial attribute and the beauty that would rival a goddess’s beauty too.

A super natural power is within her, which awakens periodically when evil eyes fall upon her. While reading that portion of the book, it made me wonder if there comes a Yakshini in real life, it will definitely put an end or most possibly put the graph of rapes downwards.

The book is very interesting and engaging, that after picking it up, one can’t put it down because one is always curious what will happen next.

Later, in the story, it also leads to different situations of passion and violence that somewhere it even threatens her husband’s life. I won’t open it up as it will kill the curiosity that way. I would either motivate readers to give it a try.

Precisely, a beautiful read for Horror Fiction lovers, or even readers like me who wanna try a new genre. An interesting read, one can surely say..

5 out of 5, if I am asked to rate the book. Great job, Neil sir! Keep it up!

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