Book Review: “The Girl with a Secret Crush”

Book Review: The Girl with a secret crush by Sudha Nair

I have heard about the author Ms. Sudha Nair, a lot before reading the story, and then when I saw it, I immediately got it and begun reading it.

This short read is a good read for those who want a quick read, especially those who are travelling or reading it over weekend. Though spanning to 32 pages, this book is really a good read.

Love/Romance being a genre that is very close to heart and so you will get moments to smile all throughout the story.

Cover: 4 out of 5

Story: 4 out of 5

Characters: 4 out of 5

The story as described in the details, is about a 29yr old girl Mallika and her life and her secret crush. I would recommend people to read it. It is a quick read yet engaging and you will feel connected with the story. [this is off course a win-win for the author]

Additionally, it is also ranked as #1 in Plays in the Kindle Store. You can read it here

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