Book Review: “Still Loved… Still Missed!” by Dr Mridula

About the book

Author: Dr. Mridula

Number of pages: 78

Publisher: Notion Press

Release Date: 7th March 2019

My Review

Still Loved, Still Missed is a collection of short stories and a poem on love by Dr. Mridula. The stories and the poem triggers emotions and makes you keep reading, and hence it is an engaging read. The stories can make you sad and also make you cry, and that is the best illustration to the effect of the stories written on the heart and soul.

The stories and poems, whose characters vary ranging from different characters and also creatures which may be living or non-living, for example: the Sepal story which is the first in the book.

The author .i.e. Dr Mridula’s writing skills are best depicted from her writing style in her book. I would recommend it to the general readers, who might be looking for a short yet engaging read, readings that make you thoughtful, etc.

In short it can be concluded that the short story collection provides us with a good entertainment. The language is neither too simple nor too complex, which too makes it a good read, a standard read, to be more precise.

I would definitely rate it 5 out of 5. Very well written, Dr Mridula.

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