Book Review: “Letters from the soul” by Purba Chakraborty


Author: Purba Chakraborty

Pages: 69 pages

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“Letters from the Soul” is a collection of 55 poems on the themes of soul healing, soul searching, and soul companions by the Author Purba Chakraborty. Being connected to her, only some days before, I was excited to read her poetry. And, as soon as I got an opportunity, I grabbed the opportunity. Opportunistic Reader, I am.. 😀 😀

So I read it during my train journey as always… from Jodhpur to Jaipur.. So it comes under my “Train reads”

Coming to the book review, the book’s theme is quite clear from the DEDICATED page by the author, where she clearly tells that the book is for the dreamers, fighters and believers and go getters.. Most of the guys and gals are in this category and so it is for ALL OF YOU guys..!!

The book has been divided into four parts by the author – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer..

And here as the author admits in the very start, she has experimented with 24 forms of poetry in this book. This made me more curious, because I didn’t have any idea of that.. Not into the poetry genre of writing and so it was an entirely new thing for me.

And, thanks to the author… I came to know about many of the styles of writing poetry through this book of hers..

“Let it fall away” in the start, gives us the hope that we are meant for un-crumpled and complete stories..

“Pilgrims” give us the positive thought that each goodbye is followed by a “hello” from someone new.. Life is all about surprises.. the theme of the poetry is completely relate-able in day to day lives.. For the others, Please do read the book..

Overall the book imbibes in you the positivity to face life.. Literature like this is often vital in todays life where every one is running behind dreams, going through one or more struggles and still thriving to survive and excel.. Motivation works wonder in it..

It is just like that health supplement, which helps you in gym.. A little dose of motivation (just like this book) will keep you going being motivated. Just like the ballad poem “Blessed Forever” from the book.. my personal favourite..

Say “I am blessed forever” and keep walking towards your dream, goal, mission…

You’ll surely gonna achieve it.. God bless you all guys..

I would definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book to the readers..



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