Book Review: “I wear the smile you gave”

I read this book while traveling in train from Jaipur to my hometown Jodhpur and I found it very interesting and engaging. The book is about a boy Ajeet and his feelings towards love of his life and his wife Sumi. The book revolves around Ajeet, his batch-mate Aditi and the love of his life – Sumi.

This much idea can be got from the blurb itself. I can say that the book was so engaging that when I took it in hands, I was not in position to keep it down. I read the whole 178 pages in one go while traveling and I can gladly say that it proved to be a great companion.

This book is a very beautiful tale of how an emotional boy would think and would act for someone he loves. The book also talks upon the dedication of the armed forces towards the nation. We all salute the armed forces for their duty towards the whole nation. Jai Hind!

Additionally, how present incidents remind us of the old memories, can be very well interpreted from the story. While reading the book I thought this might be a happy ending book, but I was somehow saddened by the demise of Sumi. But, we all know that the way we think, usually doesn’t happen.

The book, best relates to life that it goes on. One learns from pain and how this pain becomes a source of motivation that teaches us to be more human, and helping people, who are in problem. The lines at the end are also motivational, as they teach us to be moving ahead in life despite being in pain, for our loved ones and for the people in life.

Being a freelance writer myself and a person, who loves & respects the emotions as described in the book,

I would give this book 5/5.

Great job, Ms. Author!

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