Book Review: “Confessions Of A Turophile” by Shalini Singh

So, this is my first review of an English poetry book. I came to know about the book, as I knew Shalini Singh .i.e. the poetess for a while as of now, as a social media buddy. I am quite social on the social media 😀

Info about Book and the Author

The author/poetess of the book – “Confessions Of A Turophile”, Shalini Singh is an avid reader and writer. She is a lawyer and an alumni of Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).

We interviewed her for her book earlier in 2018 (Here’s the link), but the craving to read and review her book came a bit late, all due to the busy schedule, attending full-time law-school, some personal commitments too which needed to be sorted out. Recently, reading her social media updates, and reading her poetries made me to request her to send me a copy, which she gladly accepted 🙂

First things first

Thanks a lot to the poetess for sending me a signed copy on my request. The cover is quite attractive, the light creamish with a very slight pink like appearance, make it look very nice. Along with this, a glimpse of poetess herself on the cover adds up to the beauty of the cover and the book. It also hints to the author being a Turophile (lover of cheese) herself. We, the writers/poets are equipped with a great imagination powers, that it’s difficult to figure out where we are talking about the real life, and where we describe imaginary situations. Overall, the first impression is perfect.

Turning pages on and on…

As we turn a few pages, we realize that yes, our first impression as to the author being a “turophile” is perfectly accurate. We also realize through the book, that the author’s zeal towards writing is awesome and reading through the book, we realize that it’s her love for food, travel, reading and her life experiences, and a variety of topics which are so beautifully presented in the book.

As we all know, life is about a variety of events and to pen-down them in a poetric manner requires the talent to do so, and the poetess does it very well. She deserves a huge applause for this. As mentioned in the description pages – “Everyone will find something which they can connect to in the prose and poetry…”

In one of the poetries “Raper Grate”, the feel (as understood) is like, one’s love should be just like the desire to eat, when you eat, you simply eat, as it is needed for your survival, the same should ideally go for love. It definitely symbolises that love is the essence of life, and is crucial for survival. Everyone is hopeful for love, one who have in their life, should cherish it and one who don’t will be hopeful for it.

We, for sure feel connected to one or more of her poetries, and being a writer myself, I definitely would confess that the book is a very engaging read. Though, as we say it generally about the novels, novellas or short stories, but the way the she wrote it, it makes us feel to be reading it all in one go.

In an another poetry, she correlates the “differentiation” and “integration” concepts of mathematics with that of life, which in the presented context is absolutely valid. The way we think and interprete her writing make us to keep going without keeping the book down.

Ideally, that’s why I made the point to read it while travelling where I get 4-5 hours of time, which can be utilized to read this master piece properly and from cover-to-cover. I would definitely suggest the readers to read it, as one or more poetries will definitely be relateable. As a human, we definitely get more interest to read the writeups that talks about life experiences which somehow are related to ours. I believe when the author says – “this book as poems for every person.”

“Kudos!” to her for writing it. Hope to read more from you soon, Shalini.

You can buy the book from Amazon:

You can connect with the author on Instagram: @belladonnaoflavender

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  1. Thank you so much Ankit! This review is detailed, poignant and heartfelt. I am so happy that you got to read my book. ?☺️

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