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Book Review: Child Of True Lovers – By Ayushi Singh

When I ordered this book, it was on pre-order but having read about it through the social media updates of the author Ayushi Singh, I was much eager to read the book as soon as possible.

So yesterday, finally after arriving from Jaipur to my hometown Jodhpur, I took the book in my hand and it compelled me to read it in one go.

What else you need, when you are with a book you are eager to read since a long time and you are lying on your bed on a chilling cold morning, the first day of the New Year 2019? 

Ohh! I forgot to wish my readers a very happy new year..

Wishing all my blog readers, a very happy new year 2019.

May all your dreams come true this new year and beyond.

God bless you all!

So coming to the review, the book is really very well written. The author, rightly says that for reading the book fully, one needs to have a liberal mind. 

I fully agree with this point as I believe that one should always be a learner because in life you will have to learn from situations, people and literary sources (books, etc) and that will help you grow into a better human being.

At times, the book was a source of motivation towards goal accomplishment for me, and it was a BIG gift as I got to read it in the morning of the new year starting itself.

The positive quotes written in between encouraged me and the story was engaging to read it further. I read it without any distractions in approx 2.5 hours from cover to cover and it was a great read.

Being a science student myself (Pharmacy graduate) and heading towards a law degree, I had read about Schizophrenia before too during my graduation but the day to day experience of people with this was quite informative and it lead to knowledge addition.

Reading this book was a good experience and a boost to work upon new year goals with renewed motivation and the zeal to excel.

Happy reading! to those who haven’t read. I will definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants to learn and motivate themselves.

My rating: 5/5

My Message to the Author: Ayushi! You have done a great job by writing this book.. It is motivating at times and knowledge enhancer at other times. Great job! Keep it up! My best wishes for the book

Any one interested to buy this book can buy it from the following link: Child of true lovers – By Ayushi Singh [Amazon]

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