“Believe in yourself, believe in second chances….” – Dr Navika Kachhwaha

Recently Dr. Navika Kachhwaha, who is the author of “Our 6.5 Years”, which was greatly welcomed by the readers, released her second book “Unworthy Love”. Being a medico and a writer is not that easy, owing to the hectic work schedule and keeping in mind the existing COVID 19 situation (she being a health-care professional), but Dr. Navika managed to do it all.

Here, we got a chance to interview her for our blog TULRAC. Here are the interview transcripts:

(1) Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your book – “Unworthy love“. How are you feeling right now?

– Thank you so much. I’m feeling happy and blessed.

(2) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Tell us about your favorite author and what motivated you about the same?

– I remember, I used to write two liners and poetry in school and college days. but becoming a writer or a storyteller was nowhere near my thoughts. I liked stories and fictional characters but I wasn’t sure of writing a complete story until my dear friend cum author cum editor Ankit encouraged me to write “Our 6.5 year’s story”, he actually showed his trust in my writings & from there I realized that yes I wanted to become one.

About my favorite author .. there so many.. J.K Rowling, Mark Manson, Amish, R.H. Sin, Nicholas sparks, Ajay K.

Life and its experiences are motivation.. 😉

(3) We came to know that you’re employed in the health care department in the govt. What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

– So basically I work in most of my day hours morning, afternoon and sometimes evening too and I write whenever I get free time which is mostly in the late-night hours. To be hoy work schedule was helpful and fine in writing until this Covid situation came & after that, it becomes very difficult to spare some time for writing after those hectic hours. 😅😅

(4) What does your family think of your writing?

– My dad is also a writer. He writes in Hindi language. He published his first book in 2013-14, named “Jeevan ka aadhar” (based on moral education). So I can say that writing is in my blood 🤣🤣. Mumma, papa, and my brother always encouraged me to pursue my passion. And as a doctor and writer, they are proud of me.

(5) What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

When I was a novice in creative writing (just started writing two-liners, poetries), I thought that writing a full-fledged fiction novel/novella is a hectic task. But when the story came to my mind (of my debut book), I realized that once we get the zeal to write the story and finally start it, we can definitely complete writing the story fastly. You should read as many stories as you can so that you know how a story progresses in a fiction book.

(6) You have written two books – Our 6.5 years (debut book) and Unworthy love (latest one).

Which one is your favorite?

It is very difficult for me to answer. Both books are important to me. I love them. But “Our 6.5 years” will always be close to my heart.

(7) Tell us about yourself.

I’m a doctor and a writer, that everybody knows I guess. But as a person, I’m a simple human being with lots of dreams and mood swings. I love traveling and dancing, apart from writing. Ambivert and deep thinker by nature. And I love being a kid and laugh around. So yes that’s me.

(8) Any message for our readers..

Just one thing.. “Believe in yourself, believe in second chances, and the end of something isn’t the end of your world.” Stay strong.

So things will not often be easy, but if you are sure that you gonna accomplish something, you can. Here is what we can learn from the story of Dr. Navika. Her role as a Corona Warrior is also greatly appreciated (working endlessly since the COVID Outbreak in early 2020)

Wishing her the best in her career as a writer and as a healthcare professional serving mankind. Best wishes!

Do read her book – “Unworthy Love”, available as an e-book on Amazon. Paperback to be released shortly.