Believe in the beauty of your dreams: Stuti Changle

Stuti, Congratulations on your new book ‘On The Open Road!’ As we came to know, it’s all about the journey of three lives, five cities & one startup. Interesting concept. How are you feeling after getting good response for your book?

Answer: It feels absolutely fantastic. I have worked very hard & literally dreamed of these days all through my life. It feels overwhelming to see such a huge response. My social media inboxes are flooded with mails from my readers who are happy to share how much my book inspired them.

Achieving this much at a very young age, inspiring people through your work, creating awareness through your initiatives are very impressive traits. What motivates you throughout?

Answer: From the day I quit my job, I have had this vision in my head. I am just following it with a plan in place. I know that I want to inspire the youth to pursue their dreams. I want to say it out loud that we, the youth, are the future of the nation, and it is time that we boldly pursue our choices. Let’s build the India of the future through entrepreneurship, because each one of us, no matter where we come from, has that one idea that holds the potential to touch a million lives. The dream that I would have moved millions someday through my book and my event concept ‘CONVERSATIONS on the open road’ motivates me to leave the bed every morning!

When did you decide that you will be writing a book? What motivated you to write this book OTOR? Your personal experience on the same or anything like that.

Answer: I have loved to tell stories from the earliest day in my memory. The idea of telling a powerful story that can move the people, to break free from their routine lives, to make difficult choices, to follow their dreams, to never give up & to discover their true self, is something that happened during my corporate stint. I was sipping a Cappuccino and wondering about my next career move. I was making money – a lot of it – but somehow felt empty on the inside. My heart would tell me to pursue my long lost dream of becoming a storyteller whereas my mind would warn me about the risk and its consequences. Then, I realised that a lot us experience similar emotions & there was a need of a story with characters that people could relate to and be inspired to take action like the characters do. I do relate to Myra the most as Myra’s journey is much like my own. Characters, ordinary or larger than life, relatable or aspirational, are the most important part of the story. Readers experience various emotions through the journey of the characters. Readers evolve through the challenges, the struggles and the achievements of the characters. They feel inspired enough to take certain action if they are thrilled by the journey of their favourite character! A bunch of characters who breathe life into the story are very important in case of a fictional story – books or the reel. All the characters are based on people that I have met and therefore are absolutely relatable.

Tell us about yourself. Readers surely wanna know about the author of a good book, they are going to read soon.

Answer: In 2016, at twenty-three, I quit my first and only corporate job with the dream of becoming a storyteller. I packed a rucksack and left Mumbai, where I worked as an Area Sales Manager, in search of my true self. During my dream expedition, across India and Europe, I penned down my debut novel, on the open road. I met people with extraordinary stories – the travelers, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the visionaries and the saints, who inspired me to the core and gave a new direction to my life. I felt I was meant to be a storyteller, stronger than ever.

I am currently based out of Gurgaon, where I work from WeWork and hit the open road when I struggle with the writer’s block. I have sailed to the Andamans, camped with the Indian Jawans in Arunachal Pradesh, scuba dived in the Indian Ocean, swum with the dolphins in the Mediterranean, danced to Bollywood songs on the streets of Prague, floated free for hours on the beach in the Island of Mallorca. I wish to travel the world before I die!

Every year, I spend time in the coastal village of Palolem in Goa as I feel I belong there! A minimalist at heart, with every passing day, I find myself moving farther from the never-ending quest of owning material possessions and a step closer to owning a vast ocean of experiences.

I am a post-graduate in management from the prestigious B-school IMI, New Delhi and a graduate in Computer Science and Technology. I have worked with corporates like HSBC and Coffee Day Beverages.

After reading reviews of your book, we surely would like to buy your book. Additionally we would like to buy it from the stall itself at the launch event. Any plans for an event in Jaipur?

Answer:  I am planning an India Book Tour and Jaipur is definitely on the cards. I will keep the readers updated on the tour details through my social media channels. New Delhi & Gurgaon book launches are done. I am traveling to Bangalore for the next edition of ‘CONVERSATIONS on the open road’ to be held on the 17th May.

In the present era, where access to the internet is much easy task as compared to that a few years ago, how you think it impacted the communication between a reader and a writer. As a writer, what you think about this?

Answer: I think it has certainly helped in bridging the gap between the readers and the writer. Readers can now write to the authors and can also expect a reply coming their way. They don’t really have to wait to interact. I believe that nothing beats a real conversation and therefore its the best to interact with the readers in an event. My initiative, ‘CONVERSATIONS on the open road’, aims to open up plethora of conversations!

So your book is a tale of three lives. We definitely have people in our life who encourage us, support us. If you are given an opportunity to enlist the top-three, who will they be? We are eager to know.

Answer: The top three people who have been by my side throughout the journey are my mom, my mentor Kushal & my friend Vikas. My dad, my lil brother and a couple of other people have a crucial role to play. And, yes, you do need people who will stand by your side through the ups and downs of the journey. Most importantly, who love you for who you are rather who they want you to be!

Is there anything you would like to tell us that will inspire and motivate our readers to achieve what they wish to achieve in their lives?

Answer: Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Follow your heart with courage. There’s no shortcut to success. The only way to explore one’s full capacity is to keep at one’s inner calling. The journey is much more crucial than the destination. Enjoy the journey!

It was really nice interviewing the author Stuti for TULRAC..

We wish her the best for her writing career and whole life..

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