Be Tech-friendly, Be Advanced, Be Safe!

Hello friends! I am new to this technologically advanced era but definitely not that new, not to understand the things which are happening these days. Be it the recent murder of a trader in Jaipur or the cyber-stalking, etc crime happening around us. Some people blame the dating apps for it. Some blame the people for it. Some blame technology. As a well-educated person, I can say that such things can happen, need is to be vigilant over such things.

Can we do something about it? Can we be safe from all this?

I guess, we can. I am sure that by now, “How” is the next question in your mind.

With the advancement in the knowledge and the fast expansion of technology we are definitely evolving each day every day. With affordable internet plans, internet is accessible to most people. We all had a dream of such advancement, and we are happy to be in this phase. A time, where your connection to the world is just a click/touch away.

Online Romance: A way to connect (& date)

Online romance websites are not entirely a new concept. They have been existing probably since 2010s. They are considered as a good option for those people who wanna explore their chances to get a date, from the comfort of their home. It may be good for some people. (Though I haven’t experienced any of these, heard from some known ones, that they do work sometime.)

Now with migration of most online dating websites to apps, reaching them and looking for online dating is much easier then before. If there is any update, you instantly get a notification, and you can simply switch on the app and explore.

Recently, I have seen that teenagers and young adults have been using such websites/apps much and try to date using such mediums. I write on Questions and Answers forums and I am asked many a times, questions like:

Should I meet this guy, I am talking for two weeks on XYZ app/website?

He proposed to me on the ABCD app and now we are planning to meet. Will it be safe to meet him?

Should I meet him at public place or his own apartment?

My answer to these reasonable questions are usually of one type – If you think you should meet him, meet at a PUBLIC PLACE. A private place/ apartment or own house is a BIG NO.

If you are unsure of how the situation may change to, you are being a paranoid or a bit suspicious, tell an elder to accompany you and monitor you from a distance.

A weird yet important question asked to me sometimes back was:

I am 14yr old. All my classmates are in relationship with some or other girls. I am not. I am in great depression due to this. My school grades are also low due to the stress, I am in. Please help. How to get a GF?

My answer to him was – (exact narration to best of my memory) Hey dude! So you are 14yr old. You might be studying in your high school. It’s nice of the boys who are in relationship, but don’t you think it is quite early for them. Taking the responsibility to keep someone happy, spending more then half of your pocket money on gifts for her, etc. Well, frankly if I were at your place, I would have socialized more and also would focus on my high school, as these credentials will be very much useful for the whole life. And may be, you land up with a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both of you. I don’t mention it normally, but I would mention to you that I am a post-graduate and still single. (never been in a relationship). Being in a relationship is good but at the right time, someone will enter your life and make it happier, happiest.

He read it but didn’t reply. I also forgot that and moved along with answering questions. That time, when I answered the boy, I spoke my heart out. Reason being, that I was some how emotional. I thought if I had a small brother, who was going through all this in his life, how would I advice? And the same way I responded to him.

After 2-3 months, I received a message from him, (can’t reveal name as his privacy is to be kept) – “Your advice worked great. I improved on my grades. Teachers are happy to see my progress and a newly admitted girl is now my friend. I am attracted to her but I will let it go on and see how long it goes. Two boys from my friend circle had a sad breakup and so I think I am on the right path. Thankxxxx u tons bro.”

This message from him, made me happy from the inner core of my heart. It feels great when you see people do progress who worked upon your guidance.

Moral of the story

From the long story which I narrated along with experiences I had talking with people, and of the people’s experience I have summarized the moral of the story.

1.) Be tech-friendly – there is no wrong in being technologically updated. It is the demand of today. But, yes it should facilitate you in your life and not add up to your stress and problem levels.

2.) Be advanced – By being advanced, I mean that you should learn new things, travel to new places, be first at learning new skills, cultivate new habits, etc.

3.) Be safe – NEVER keep your safety on stake. Because, it will make you vulnerable to crimes. DON’T meet strangers except at public places. If you are not comfortable with them, you can always make a safe exit. IF THEY TRY to stop you, you can off course call people to help you out.

Stay safe, on the right path. Stay happy and blessed.

Ankit Singh,

Chief Blogger, Tulrac.com

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