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7 Life lessons which can be learned from “Thappad”

Often we talk about films that they are fictional stories and we watch them for entertainment purposes. It is a good source of entertainment, but then come films which are way above entertainment, they talk about real-life issues, issues we tend to ignore, etc. It is relevant to mention here that – it is a saying that – Cinema is the mirror of society.

I watched the movie “Thappad” this Sunday, and I personally did like the concept a lot. It efficiently addresses the domestic violence problem in society. Though it was just a slap, everything starts with a single step.

Here, are the seven life lessons which can be learned from “Thappad”: –

1.)   Venting out anger on closed ones is wrong

They love us, care about us. Many times this happens that we are unable to control anger due to an injustice that happened to us, then also we can’t simply vent it upon a closed one. Injustice happens but then there is always a remedy to everything.

You should NEVER speak harsh or act angrily with your closed ones – be it your spouse, your parents, your kids, anyone. It may be a result of momentary anger but it may have a long term impact on your life. Just like it had on Amrita (the female protagonist of “Thappad”)

2.)   Respecting the individual identity of a hard-worker.

She is your mother, she is your wife, she is a home-maker. She may have worked upon things brilliantly and as a result of hard work and you simply say it is a result of some family legacy.

For example, many times, I have heard people talking things like – So he efficiently handles his family business and had taken it to great heights, and someone is like – “Ya! But all credits to his father/grandfather for building a legacy which is carrying on.”

We should always respect someone’s individual identity and praise their hard work, rather than giving all credits to the legacy.

3.)   A stitch in time saves nine.

I remember when I was studying in my school days, my dad narrated about an incident just to show how a small triggering point lead to big disasters. He told us about news, where a person had a dispute of Rs.2-3 with a shopkeeper and then things turned violent and it ended up in a murder. So, solving out things there and then can solve the situation.

4.)   Emotional connection is more important than materialistic gifts

People are filled with emotions. They want to be treated in a way that nourishes their emotions well. So, one should always try to be emotionally connected with our loved ones. Material gifts also depict our emotions and our feelings for them but they can’t diminish the importance of that emotional connection which can be felt by those golden words, you say to them.

Saying an “I love you” to them and putting the ring in their ring finger is more special than merely ordering a ring for them, and hoping that they with wear it and send a selfie to you wearing them. Isn’t it?

5.)   Appreciate your loved ones for their contributions in your life

So, she is a home-maker. She takes care of the family, of your kids (supposing), of your family, takes care of all your family needs – from as important as cooking food for you to reminding you about that file which is a must requisite at the office and you tend to forget it at home. As a home-maker, her contributions can’t be nullified or ignored. Appreciate them, make them feel special.

6.)   Show them, that you care

I remember, the last time I was in my hometown – I told my mother that I had a deep wish that in my next incarnation, I would like to be born to the same parents (that is her and my dad) and she got so touched by these words. We feel for them, so we should express it to them. Because sometimes it makes our bond with them stronger.

7.)   Say “sorry” before it’s too late

When it is your closed ones, it is never a big deal to say “Sorry” when you realize you commit some mistake or did some blunder. If I talk about myself, I am the first to say sorry, not because I may be wrong every time, but because I think if saying “Sorry” can lead to the end of an argument then it’s worth it. Because such things start small but add up to complicate things even further.

Overall it is a very nice and thought-provoking family film and you can watch it. The movie “Thappad” directed by Anubhav Sinha and starring Taapsee Pannu is a must-watch.

You may book the tickets on Amazon or BookMyShow. Go watch it!!

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