27th April – The day we lost Naniji

27th April 2020

The day is up again. 27th April. It always has the memories associated with it. The bitter one being the one which I will be narrating today.

I was in bed when my sister Kavya, came near to the bed and tried to wake me up. She came near me, and said, “Get up Ankit. Please get up. We have to go to Naniji’s house.”

I was still lying down on the bed. Someone has rightly said, “People can even sacrifice their kingdom for the early morning sleep.” And then for a 10yr old like me, getting up in the morning was a big issue. I kept sleeping with eyes closed.

“Ankit, please get up. Naniji is no more. We need to go there.” – My sister said loudly, in another attempt to wake me up.

I got upright. “What?? What are you saying??” – I said to her. I got up from the bed and went outside the house.”

Our house was just 3-4 houses away from the Nanihaal. When I went house, then the neighbour aunty confirmed the news. I was confused what to say. I just remembered that mummy was quite busy these days in between hospital and home, as naniji was ill and hospitalised.

I drank water and then we locked the house and went to Nanihaal. It was all silent over there, as if no one was there. By the time, we reached there, Shalya Didi came in front of us.

She came to us and told, “Ankit & Kavya, Naniji is looking so beautiful. But she is not speaking. She is not speaking anything.” – she said in a sad voice, which hinted to our child brain that something was not okay.

Then we went in and here we realized, everything was over. “Our pyaari naniji was no more. She went away.”

We could see Mamisaa, Maasi, and all sitting still near her and all were crying. I and my sister also sat down near but we were clueless, what happened.

The realities of “death” wasn’t fully understandable by us. From that day, as the days grew, grew our understanding of the word “Death”. It was clear to us, that she won’t return. And she had gone forever.

वो रौनक जो नानीजी से थीं, ना जाने कहाँ चली गयी। नानाजी भी उस दिन के बाद चुप चुप से हो गए थे। उनकी जीवन संगिनी जो चली गयी थी, उन्हें छोड़ कर। अभी थोड़ा बहुत संभल पाए थे इस श्रति से की महज चार माह बाद इसी तारीख 27 वे दिन अगस्त में नानाजी भी हम सब को छोड़ कर चले गए।

Losing Naniji and Nanaji in a mere span of four months came a shock for us and for the whole family. I still remember, when mummy said once after Nanaji’s death – “I was very confident that I have both my parents alive and with me. But, I never knew they both will go away together.”

Losing parents or grandparents is a personal and big loss because we lose our guiding light, the strong pillars of our family this way.

FOR ME, I was fortunate enough to have some golden memories of spending time with my grandparents. But as we say, nothing seems to be enough. I miss them a lot.

If God grants me a wish, I would want both of them back. Love them so much <3

Miss you so much, Naniji and Nanaji

आज 27 अप्रैल २०२० को नानीजी की पुण्यतिथि पर मेरे और मेरे पूरे परिवार की तरफ से हार्दिक श्रद्धांजलि। ॐ शांति


Your grandson


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