11 Signs That Their Love For You Is Unconditional

What is Love?

Love is a unique word but it has different meanings when used in different contexts. In relationships, Love means interpersonal affection.

When we talk about Love, it can be of two types:

a.) conditional love

b.) unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the phenomenon when one loves the other, irrespective of the conditions that are prevalent. Whatsoever may be the conditions, the love is always there. The best example of unconditional love is the love of a mother for her child.

In this type of love, the person does not expect anything in return for their care and simply cares for the other. Although, exceptions may exist, but following are the common signs that mean that their love for you is unconditional and no matter what will happen, they will always be with you.

1.) Your sadness makes them sad

It is a common sign of being in unconditional love. They love you and want to see you happy. If due to any reason they see you sad, they also get sad and try their best to control things. At that stage, their mission is to make you happy again.

2.) No expectations from you

This is the biggest sign of being in unconditional love. They are quite flexible when it’s you. They will never expect anything from you and try to make you happy at any cost. They will be the first to give any sacrifice and they will not complaint to you about anything.

3.) They don’t want credit for their efforts

When they like you and do anything for you, they don’t want praise in return of their efforts. They do it, because they feel the urge to do something for you and they simply do it. Though, you should casually thank them for their efforts, but even if you don’t they won’t turn away from you due to this.

4.) First to say sorry

This is an important sign of unconditional love. Whosoever is at fault, they will say sorry. It is not because they are always at their fault or they are less confident. It is because they truly value the relationship and don’t want to lose it due to any of their fault.

5.) Your Happiness = Their First Priority

When they love you unconditionally, their first priority is your happiness. They want to see you happy at any cost. May be you are sad and you spoke to them about your sadness, they will think of ways to replace your sadness with happiness.

6.) You have GF/BF, still they will be there

So, you both met at the classes and became good friends, and later you tell them about your romantic interest with another guy/gal. They know about it, and if you observe then you can see they moved to “Just friends” but they will still be with you when you need them. You and your bf/gf are having problems in a relationship and you share it with this guy/girl, they will give you a good advice (like to sort out the matter by talking with your bf/gf, etc). Then probably this is the guy/gal, who really cares about you, without any expectations.

7.) They make you angry/sad and they get super-guilty

This is a good hint. Because he/she cares about you, he/she will never make you angry or sad, and if any of their mistakes make you angry or sad, they will be super-guilty till things get resolved.

8.) They can make big sacrifices just for you

So, you both turn into good friends and you share talks with each other and they come to know about your relationship with some other boy/girl. They will get shattered for first and will be sad, but eventually then too they will be with you as “just friends”.

Though, at that stage, they have made the biggest sacrifice to be with you.

9.) For them, you are always PERFECT

So you may think that your fellow colleagues told you that the colour of your dress doesn’t suits you or you are getting dark circles around your eyes, but he/she never told you this. You may conclude that they don’t possess the dressing knowledge. They may or may not have this knowledge, but for them you are always PERFECT, whatever dress you wear.

10.) You are SPECIAL for them

When they love you, they will always treat everything related to them much specially. May be it is your city, your hometown, or your beliefs. They will treat them much specially. It’s because they have the mindset that – You and everything related to you are so special for them.

11.) They will try their best to sustain relationship with you

So you both had a big quarrel or a misunderstanding. You think they don’t care but they will care about it and try their best to sort out things.

Why? It’s because they can’t afford to lose relationship with you.

The reason: You are very special for them!

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