10 ways to be happy on V-day even when you are single!

Here, comes the V-day or Valentine’s day –14th February is a day in every year’s calendar when the lover’s rejoice and those who are single or recently had a breakup,do feel sad some how. But you know what? There is no reason to be sad. Here are the ways, you too can be happy on V-day. If possible try each of them and see, how it goes.

I surely feel these will work for you..

  • Be thankful to the God.

Either you are single or your are in relationship. First of all, you should be thankful to the God for this life and for everything you have in your life. Lets imagine for a while, the supreme power bestowed in us, the powers to think, decide and act in accordance with our own mind without any expectations in return.

  • Be thankful to your loved ones for their care.

One should always acknowledge the love and care of their loved ones. They are the ones who care but silently. They will not express it directly, but it will be in the form of their concern for us. They will never demand but deserve a thank you for all this. Example: Parents

  • Take a resolution to be more humanistic.

So you are single and everyone else around you is enjoying the day. You can also take a resolution today to be more humanistic. It will be a great gift to the whole nature if you get humanistic. When you become humanitarian

  • Go for a walk in a garden (with trees all around).

So you are single. You are feeling down on the day. No problem. Take a walk in a garden nearby. While walking, never think of any painful thing. Think of the positive aspects of life. Be thankful to the nature for it’s gifts like trees. Look at the trees and flying birds. It will surely comfort your soul.

  • Condition your heart to be an “unconditional caring” person.

It’s said that we get sad when we don’t get the things we want. Can’t we be expectations-less. Let me take an example of unconditional care. I saw a lady saying this about her son – “My son is very naughty. When he is at home (holiday in school), he throws things here and there and make the whole house very irregular. Sometimes I wish he were sincere. But still, I love and can give my life for him.” – This is unconditional love. Caring without any expectations. We normally expect but when we don’t expect then our care becomes unconditional.

  • Take a resolution to be working on your goals more seriously.(it will impart confidence in you)

Here is the day. You may be going on through a painful phase. But, you know what?

You can take a resolution on this special day. Work on your goals more seriously you ever did. And then observe the rise in your confidence. This confidence in you will be glittering and will add wonders to your personality.

Try it if you think, I am wrong.

  • Spend quality time with your parents/grand parents.

Your parents and grandparents(if you are lucky to have them in your life), will always need your affection and will be happy to see you care of them. They don’t want costly gifts, etc, they just need a small amount of time which you can give. We all have ample amount of time.

Why not bring smile on their face?

  • Gift yourself the things you love & treat yourself.

So it’s the day of love. Why not start it by loving yourself?

Because till you love yourself, you can’t love others. Go on a lunch or dinner and treat yourself. Think of the positive things in your life and smile. It’s your day dude/gal. Have a blessed day and life.

  • Help out people in need of help.

It’s the best thing which will give you ultimate satisfaction. Help those who are in need of help. When visiting a bank or ATM, help the person who are less tech-friendly and help them by assisting in the passbook printing, etc and filling the pay-in or withdraw slip. They may say “Thank you” or not but you yourself will be happy to help. I try it and really it’s a soul comforting thing.

  • Follow the FFF way (Forgive, Forget & look Forward) – If you are hurt/in pain due to breakup

I understand, it’s definitely a very painful moment when it’s the Valentine’s day and your heart is filled with memories of the happy V-day with your ex. Cherish those old memories but ensure that it doesn’t spoil your mood today. Follow the FFF way (created by me :D)

Forgive, Forget and look Forward way will be the best to cope up with this situation.

At last, just a message – Carry a smile on your face. A smile is just like fragrance. It will spread so quickly and every one around you will be happy to see you happy. And you know what? Singles are meant to mingle… sooner or later.. 🙂

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